The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for a Special Needs Mom

Mother’s Day is May 13th.

I have had a few people ask me if I am excited about this year being my first Mother’s Day. I count this as my second (I talk more about that here) but this is my first as a special needs Mom. Since I haven’t been a SN Mom for a long time, I decided to reach out to my SN Mom friends and asked what they would like for Mother’s Day.

The Mom Who Wants Sleep: Offer to watch her child for a few hours so she can get a nap in.

The Mom Who Wants To Be Pampered: Schedule her a day with a facial, massage, and mani/pedi.

The Mom Who Is Always Out: Give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant or coffee shop so she can grab a bite to eat.

The Mom Who Wants A Clean House: Hire someone to go to her house and do some spring cleaning.

The Mom Who Wants A Date Night: For the hubbys, plan a romantic date night. Don’t forget to get a babysitter!

The Mom Who Wants Updated Photos: Book a day with a photographer to take pictures of her and her family.

The Mom Who Wants A Girls Day: Plan an afternoon for her and her girlfriends to visit a local winery.

The Mom Who Wants Jewelry: Give her a necklace or bracelet that has been personalized with her child’s name or birthday. Check out Pink and Blue Co.

The Mom Who Wants To Be Recognized: Sometimes all a SN Mom wants is to be recognized that she is doing an amazing job.

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