Three Months

Harper is three months old! She loves sleeping, laying in her bed, taking baths, and sitting up (of course with some help). She doesn’t like her car seat or to be messed with. She is starting to roll over from her side to her back and move her head side to side when laying on her tummy. She weighs 8lbs and is 19 inches long. She still gets about 2oz of formula every 3 hours.

For the past 6 weeks, Harper has developed a symptom doctors refer to as retching. Throughout the day, she will start gagging/dry heaving but nothing will come up. We have tried many different options to see if we could prevent it from happening but nothing seems to help it. We will be meeting with different specialty doctors to see if they know a way to fix it or prevent it from happening. We have also learned that Harper cannot hear to her full potential due to her having small ear canals. Over the next couple of months, we will be meeting with an audiologist and ENT doctor to go over our options.

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