Guest House Update #1

Y’all, we are landowners! I still cannot get over saying that 🙂

Over the next few years, we will be building on our 10-acre lot. There will be the main house, guest house, shop, and potentially a barn for animals. This week Dillon has started on the groundwork and framing for our guest house; we will live in the guest house while he is building our main house. Wait, Dillon is building both houses? Yes! I’m pretty lucky to have married such a handyman 😉 He actually built our first house when we lived close to his family. It was a 16×16 two-story shed that we converted into a tiny house.

The guest house will be about 700 square feet. Can you imagine a family of three and three dogs under 700 square feet? Yup, I am still imagining it too! Don’t worry, the guest house will consist of a bedroom, bathroom with a tub/shower combo and full washer/dryer, and an open-concept living room and kitchen.

Our style is craftsman-farmhouse. So if you’re good friends with Chip and Joanna, let them know we would love their help 😀 Here is a Pinterest board of our guest house:

Our color palette will consist of warm whites, greys, beiges, hickory brown stain, and bronze metal accents. I’m 75% sure that this will change because I can never have my mind set on one thing 🙂

Dillon hopes to have us moved in by the end of summer! If you have any organization tips for small house living, please let us know!

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