5 Months Old!


Harper weighs a little over 9lbs and she’s slowly growing out of her newborn clothes but 0-3 months are still a little too big. She can no longer fit into Pampers newborn diapers but she does fit into Seventh Generation and Honest newborn diapers. It is so funny how big of a difference different brands can make. Her feeding schedule just recently changed. At the beginning of the month, she was getting about 3oz every 4 hours. But a few days ago she was not tolerating any of her feeds and continuously kept spitting up. Her doctors thought it was best to admit her to the hospital to monitor her and get an IV going. Right now we are feeding her continuously. By feeding her continuously, it is allowing her stomach to digest at a slower pace. It would be like if you were told you had to eat 10 hamburgers in 10 minutes. You would be miserable and probably wouldn’t be able to digest all of them. But if you had the option to eat 10 hamburgers in 1 hour, that would give you time to eat slowly so your stomach could digest each one. So right now, Harper gets fed about 0.3ml of formula every minute – which is close to 19ml of formula every hour – or 460ml in a 24 hour period of time. We do not know how long she will have to be fed continuously. Her doctors do not know why this is happening. They ran every test and everything came back normal. Right now the only thing that is important is that she is tolerating her food and keeping everything down. We have follow-up appointments with her doctors over the next couple of weeks. We are home now and she is in a much better mood as I am typing this.

Speaking of better moods, her crying spells have pretty much stopped! That medicine we started giving her is working! We can now control her crying, either by changing her diaper, picking her up, rocking her, etc. So yes, she still cries, but not for 3-4 hours. Now she only cries for about 30 minutes if we cannot figure out why she is crying.

For her cognitive and physical development, she has figured out how to put her hands in her mouth. If her arm gets lazy and falls, she gets very aggravated and figures out a way to put her hand back in her mouth. Harper also started smiling! At first, she would just form her mouth into a smile, but now she smiles when you smile. If you would like to see her smiling, here is a video of her smiling! We have also started a daily and nightly routine for her and she is slowly starting to sleep longer through the night. Right now she is sleeping about 8 hours straight, yay!

This past month we saw Harper’s cardiologist and had a repeat ECO on her heart. The holes are slowly but surely closing. We are not discussing any type of surgery because right now Harper is doing fantastic since she is on a low dosage of heart medicine. Harper will be having a sedated ABR so we know exactly what type of hearing loss she has. The past three times we have tried to do this hearing test she has always been too awake so we decided the next one should be sedated so we can get a clear picture.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on what is happening with Harper, follow her Facebook Page.


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