Half a Year


Harper is 6 months old!

She weighs about 10lbs and she is finally in 0-3 months clothing and size 1 diapers! We are now back to feeding her about 2oz every 3 hours. Since Harper isn’t a normal baby, it is very hard to determine how often we should increase the amount of formula she gets in a day. We have learned to be patient with her and allow her to tell us when we should increase the total volume. Originally, we would increase every 2 weeks, but then that led us to be admitted to the hospital because she wasn’t tolerating her feeds. Now, we will increase due to not gaining weight or if Harper shows signs of being hungry.

 We finally can answer the question, “when will Harper take a bottle?”, the answer is now! Harper has passed three swallow studies in the past couple of months and we are now seeing a speech therapist weekly, yes, weekly! We are so excited! Harper has finally learned how to suck on a pacifier and her fingers so now we are introducing the bottle. Of course, we don’t know how long it will take her to master the suck, swallow, breath technique which is what it takes in order to drink from a bottle.

Harper has also started to see an occupational and/or physical therapist weekly. She is very similar to a 2-month-old. Her favorite thing is to roll from her side to her back and she is trying really hard to roll from her tummy to her side. She still has a hard time lifting her head during tummy time and holding her own head when sitting on my lap or propped on up on my shoulder. Harper has been bringing both of her hands to midline and she still loves to shove both of her hands in her mouth 🙂

And the best news, Harper is getting her hearing device this week! Y’all, we have waited for this day for what seems like forever. Harper will finally be able to hear to her full potential. Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook to watch videos of her hearing for the first time.

I also wanted to include that this past month, Harper attended her first family reunion (my side) and met one of her Great-Great Grandmothers.


5 thoughts on “Half a Year

  1. Hy, can you tell me when she was born? We also have a little girl name Tesa with T18, she was born in Februar this year. We are from Croatia, EU.


      1. February 20th 😆 I’ve read your stories and it seems to me that they have a lot in common…. May I contact you via Facebook or e-mail?


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