Harper is 7 Months Old!

Harper still weighs a little under 10lbs. This past month has been pretty rough for her and for us, Mom and Dad. Harper began her nonstop crying spells. Of course, we went down the list of changing her diaper, rocking her, laying her in her bed, giving her a bath, wrapping her up, etc. After a couple of days, we switched up her feeding schedule to see if that would help and of course, it didn’t. About a week later, we finally contacted one of her doctors. They suggested that we increase her “stress medicine”. So we did. Usually, it takes about a week for it to make a difference. Nothing changed and Harper still continued to cry. We decided to see all of her doctors for a checkup and to see if anyone of them could figure out what was wrong. Her GI doctor suggested that we should change formulas and increase her reflux medicine. Of course, it takes about two weeks for the formula change to make a difference. But, can you take a guess what happened? Nothing. Nothing happened. Harper still cried. We went back to her GI doctor and Harper lost nearly half a pound, which is a big deal in her case. The doctor decided that we should completely change her reflux medicine to a different kind. We also contacted another doctor about the “stress medicine” and we decided to completely max Harper out on it. Within 48 hours my sweet, precious, little 7 month old began to smile and laugh again. She also gained half a pound back within a few days.

So what is life like now? Harper gets about 2.5 oz every 3 hours through her g tube. We’re seeing a speech therapist weekly and he feels very confident that she will take a bottle in the future. Bottle feeding and pacifiers were put on hold during Harper’s crying spell. Harper did not like messing with bottles and pacifiers when she was constantly crying and we would never force her to take either one. We want bottles and pacifiers to be a positive experience. Harper is still wearing 0-3 month clothes and wears size 1 diapers.

We also see some type of physical therapist at least once a week. Harper is working really hard to roll from her back to her side. She is also starting to lift her head up way more during tummy time. We also will put a rattle in her hand and she is holding that a lot longer. She is still obsessed with chomping down on one finger and I think she’s figured out that she can put one finger from each hand in her mouth. I have also noticed that when Harper hits one of the toys on her mobile in her bassinet, she realizes that she can make the toy move by hitting it, so she will hit it again, and the toy will move.

Harper also got her hearing aids this past month! She still isn’t used to noises and sounds. I usually try and put them on her a couple times throughout the day but after about 10 minutes she starts to get fussy. If you want to watch her really hearing for the first time, check out her Facebook page.



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