9 Months Old!


After being home for not even a week, Harper ended up running a fever. Read here to see last month’s post. We went to our local ER and then from there decided that we wanted to be transferred to another hospital. We have been in contact with this other hospital for a few months now and we wanted the doctors there to take a look at Harper in this type of condition. Harper and I had our very first ambulance ride together 😉 We only spent a few days in the hospital. All labs and viruses came back normal/negative. The doctors concluded that she never got over the previous cold.

We actually ended up back in the hospital on the day of her 9 month birthday. Harper ran another fever and was pretty congested. Of course, we were only in the hospital for a couple of days and all of her panels came back negative. Again, the doctors concluded that she is holding on to this cold. It is just that time of year.

Harper is still around the 10lb mark. Being sick for over a month doesn’t help with gaining weight. Her feeding amount is still the same and of course, she is still in the same size clothes. This past month, Harper has been holding her head at midline while sitting on her bottom a lot longer. She is eager to keep her head at midline to look at me. She gets very frustrated when she starts to get tired.

We always get asked if Harper sleeps through the night and the answer is no. When you’re in and out of the hospital, going to doctor appointments and seeing therapists, it is extremely hard to get her on a schedule. The longest she sleeps for in one setting is about 6 hours. If we’re lucky, it’s at night.

This past month, Harper has been enjoying her bottle a whole lot more. Right now, drinking from a bottle is just for fun. We do not include the amount she drinks into her calorie intake for the day. It usually takes her about 30 minutes to drink half an ounce. She is still trying to grasp the concept of suck, swallow, breathe. So usually she will suck, push milk to her cheeks, breath, swallow, breathe. Instead of suck, swallow, and then breathe…every single time. Harper also roots when the bottle touches her face, which is a big accomplishment. A few months ago, she wanted nothing to do with a bottle.




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