Heart Surgery

This topic has been kept quiet for some time now. We haven't talked about it because honestly, people can be overwhelming when such big news is shared. But since we have had time to soak it in and prepare ourselves, we are ready to tell everyone. Harper will be having heart surgery. Y'all those words [...]

9 Months Old!

After being home for not even a week, Harper ended up running a fever. Read here to see last month's post. We went to our local ER and then from there decided that we wanted to be transferred to another hospital. We have been in contact with this other hospital for a few months now and we [...]

8 Months Old!

I cannot believe in four months Harper will be a year old! Not a lot has changed with Harper this past month. She's right on the 10lb mark, in 0-3 month clothes and wears size 1 diapers. Harper is still obsessed with putting her fingers in her mouth. She still gets about 2.5 oz every [...]

Harper is 7 Months Old!

Harper still weighs a little under 10lbs. This past month has been pretty rough for her and for us, Mom and Dad. Harper began her nonstop crying spells. Of course, we went down the list of changing her diaper, rocking her, laying her in her bed, giving her a bath, wrapping her up, etc. After [...]

Half a Year

Harper is 6 months old! She weighs about 10lbs and she is finally in 0-3 months clothing and size 1 diapers! We are now back to feeding her about 2oz every 3 hours. Since Harper isn't a normal baby, it is very hard to determine how often we should increase the amount of formula she [...]